A Little About Me

Hello from Arkansas! My name is Alecia, owner of, yep, The Fiery Jasmine! I'm happy you are here! What started out as a personal love of filling my closets :) has grown into, well, this! A true passion that I've had for as long as I can remember. As most women, having a family and working a fulltime job (I am a Respiratory Therapist) I didn't have the time nor the confidence to start a business. It wasn't until my children had left us "empty nested" that I even considered it and not until a Pandemic scared me into "life is short just do it" that I actually DID it! Fast forward 3 years, after starting out in our upstairs bedroom having NO clue what I was doing, to now a Lolli to my 2 precious gran-babies, I still work in the same hospital doing what my calling is and now able to use my small business as an avenue to not only do something I LOVE but to also be an encouragement to women. I am 48 years old and I know the struggles and lack of self-confidence. Not all women suffer with that, BUT, if you do, I am here to tell you~You are perfect just as you are. Yes, we have AMAZING clothes at TFJ, yes we have excellent relationships with our customers and yes I am only an email away from putting an entire outfit together for you BUT without confidence in these beautiful clothes-they are just clothes. Ultimately, my personal desire & goal is to encourage women to yes, get up and get dressed! Yes, you deserve it! Yes, you can wear that! Yes, you can! I know this because I needed to hear & believe those very words at one point in life as well. I get that this is more like a "blog" than an intro but we do real life at TFJ. :) A new outfit, self-confidence and a little encouragement from a total stranger is sometimes all that we need! I am an email or message away for the perfect pair of Judy Blues or to 100% hype you up, my friend! Building a community of strong, uplifting women that love the same things I do is something I am so proud of! I am happy you are here! I am always available! Welcome to The Fiery Jasmine!

XoXo, Alecia


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